Decorative Plaster and Finishes
Based in Ottawa, Canada, is an innovative company comprised of a team of artisans specializing in the application of faux-finishes and of traditional lime frescos, as well as in the installation of ornemental plaster and in historical restoration.
Hélios Nadal, artisan, painter, decorator and stucco applicator has more  than thirty years experience in the field. His training began in Bordeaux, France. Over the years, his many travels across Europe enabled him to acquire the knowledge and expertise of the various traditional techniques form his and other countries. 
Since his arrival in Canada in 1990, Mr. Nadal has completed many impressive projects in Ottawa, Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Orlando, Sarasota and Palm Desert, to name a few. has become the official  distributor of Iconoplast Designs products in the Ottawa area. This third generation of master plasterers and mold makers originated in Italy in the early 1900''s. With the help of new technology, Iconoplast Designs, is able to bring a modern approach to a traditional art. They specialize in custom designs and fabrication and interior and exterior design accessories.